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 Master of Science in Politics and Policy Analysis
By any standard, Università Bocconi is a leading school in the traditional areas of economics, management, finance and law. This places us at the crossroads of several subjects that contribute to government policy-making, and we have now integrated this expertise into the new MSc program in Politics and Policy Analysis.
Students will understand the complex political, economic and social dynamics of the modern world, how national and international institutions deal with them, and how to take actions in such contexts. The MSc in Politics and Policy Analysis takes a global approach that attracts globally-oriented students. It all starts with bright students who are motivated to excel in public service and drive change in our society in ways that promote ethical values, economic viability, international legitimacy and political pragmatism.
Why study Politics and Policy Analysis in Bocconi?
1. to acquire deep knowledge of political, economic and social dynamics of the modern world and how to take actions in this contest
2. to define, evaluate and implement policies, through rigorous quantitative methods in different socio-economic-political contexts
3. to develop a unique professional profile with qualified knowledge and advanced skills to analyze and evaluate political issues and implement innovative political strategies
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January 25 is the next deadline. If you can't make it by then, four application sessions are available after that. You will be automatically evaluated for merit-based scholarships on the basis of your admissions application. The sooner you submit your completed application, the better your chances of acceptance and access to scholarships.
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