НовостиLecture on topic: "How the U.S. Constitution has shaped the current system in the United States; Constitutional Engineering; and Prospects for Democratic Consolidation"
Russian-Armenian University (RAU) in cooperation with the  U.S.  Embassy  in Armenia is pleased to welcome U.S. Speakers Jack  Norman  Rakove, the  W.R. Coe  Professor  of History  and  American  Studies and  Professor  of  Political  Science  at Stanford University  and  Robert  J.  Allison, Professor at  the Department  of History  at  Suffolk  University Boston,  to run a lecture on topic: "How  the  U.S. Constitution  has  shaped  the current  system  in  the  United States;  Constitutional Engineering;  and Prospects  for Democratic Consolidation". The lecture will be followed by a discussion.
The lecture is designed for the students, researchers, junior lecturers and PhD students of the Department of Law, International Relations and Political Science of the Institute of Law and Politics to enhance their qualifications.
Event Details: 

Date: October 18
Time: 10:00 – 11:30
Venue: Russian-Armenian University (Blue Hall, 3rd floor)
Language: English with interpretation into Armenian

About the speakers
Jack N. Rakove 
Jack Rakove  is  the William  Robertson  Coe Professor  of  History and American Studies  and professor  of  political  science and  (by  courtesy) law  at Stanford, where  he  has  taught  since 1980.  Jack Rakove  earned  his  BA  in  1968 from  Haverford  College and his  PhD  in  1975 from  Harvard  University.  He  was also  a  student at  the  University  of  Edinburgh  from  1966  to 1967.  His  principal  areas  of  research include  the origins of the American Revolution  and Constitution,  the  political  practice and  theory  of James  Madison,  and  the  role  of  historical knowledge in  constitutional litigation.  He  is  the author of  6 books  including Original  Meanings: Politics and ldeos  in the Making of the Constitution  (1996),  which won  the  Pulitzer Prize  in History,  and  Revolutionaries: A New History of the lnvention  of  America  (2010), which  was  a  finalist  for the  George  Washington Prize,  Founding  America:  Documents  from  the Revolution  to  the  Bill  of Rights(2006);  The Annotated  U.S.  Constitution  and  Declaration of lndependence (2009) and  the editor  of  seven others,  including The  Unfinished  Election  of 2000  (2001).  He  is  a  member of the  American Academy  of Arts  and  Sciences,  the  American Philosophical Society, and  a  past  president  of the  Society  for the  History  of  the  Early  American Republic.

Robert  J.  Allison
Dr. Robert  J.  Allison  is  Professor  of  History at Suffolk University in  Boston and  also  teaches history  at  the  Harvard Extension School.  He graduated from the  Harvard Extension  School with  an A.L.B.  before earning  a Ph.D.  in the History  of  American Civilization  at  Harvard  in 1992. Professor  Allison  received  the  Harvard Extension School's Petra  Shattuck  Distinguished Teaching  Award in  1997,  the Suffolk University Student Government  Association's Distinguished  Faculty  Award in  2006, and  the Suffolk University Outstanding  Faculty  Award  in 2007.  His  books  include  The Crescent  Obscured: The  United States and  the Muslim World,1776-1815  (2000);  A  Short  History  of Boston  (2OOal;  Stephen Decаtur, American Navаl Hero  (2OO5l; The  Boston Mаssacre  (2006);  The  Boston  Teа  Pаrty  (20071; and A  Short  History of  Cape Cod  (20L0)The Americаn  Revolution: A  Concise  History  (2}t1l; The Crescent  Obscured:  The  United States  аnd the Muslim World, L776-1815  (201"4).  He  has edited  books  on American history  spanning from  the colonial period to  the  20th century. Professor Allison was  a  consultant  to  the Commonwealth Museum  at  the  State Archives in  Boston, and he  is  on  the  board of  overseers of  the  USS  Constitution Museum  in Charlestown,  Massachusetts.  He  is  vice president of  the  Colonial Society  of Massachusetts,  an  elected  fellow  of the Massachusetts  Historical  Society, and  president of the  South Boston Historical Society.  He lives in  Boston  with  his  wife  and  sons.
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